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Yea, it is really a nice add-on. Especially when you sometimes pass someone your PC and the person shall not get anoyed by promts. Also when you dont always want to login on a page.BUT had to disable this feature, because when httacess passwords are requested, notification is showen, but the httacess dialog prevents you from reacting on the notification. Also when you want to login, to a page, and notification shows up, you enter the Masterpassword, you need to reload the page, to get paswords inputten.=> good start, but still much work left
maybe whitelist pages would help there?

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Yes, there are some issues with modal dialogs.
So far I was unable find a way to determine which part of the software requested MP I can't add white list feature. For the .htaccess login prompt I might have an idea how to handle that. We'll see :)