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How cool! Are these AMAZING dunes shown in their ACTUAL color? Or is this one of Nasa's "False Color" images? Often to accentuate various features, they will change the hues to produce some rather startling results! Usually VERY BEAUTIFUL results too! You see, I always thought Mars was red all-over!? But I may be mistaken. Perhaps you could add a blurb under the image to inform us? If not, don't sweat it, .....I'll just have to wonder, ..or get off my butt and look it up for myself, somehow, eh? -Ha!

Either way, this Theme is wonderful, with its shimmering ripples and shadows! I still find it awe inspiring to realize that we are looking at the surface of ANOTHER PLANET, .... WOW ! I mean, COME ON people!!!, must admit, it's really a mind-blowing thought! Technology certainly is terrific !

So, THANKS, for this shot, and keep up the good work! C.R.McL. ( -Cassandra. )

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