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Disable Add-on Compatibility Checks

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It allows to install incompatible addon. You can do it though the about:config, but this extension is genious. Why is it genious? Because Firefox keep changing the about:config parameter each time it updates, and ask to enter the current version, so no more headache with this.

PlayFlash 64bit

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A big thank you!

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GitHub Extension Installer

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I really wanted this addon!! But can't see the button on Github. - незаменимый поиск по mp3 и клипам

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Site is sold. right-click Image Upload

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This addon should be reported, opens a porn site.

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It's a search engine that sits in the search engine bar.

Thin Tabs

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Simple way to customize tab appearance (size of the police, police, etc...); Few options but simple. That's a pity the new Mozilla wants to discourage the devs and control anything, like an octopus.

Simple Locale Switcher

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Helped me to download the language Pack (through the panel icon "manage the language", and have an option to switch afterwards, So it's ok.

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Profile management in Firefox is not complete without this addon.

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Addons Memory Usage - Button

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I though it was a memory addon checker, what it does: put a button in the toolbar with a shortcut towards the about-pages (about: config, etc), but the more interesting, the Addon memory usage page, doesn't work. So this addon is useless, as it was supposed to be the main function.

Profile Folder Button

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Good and useful, but consumes 35.7 KB, that is a lot for a simple button that should remains inactive if not clicked. Breaks multi-process.

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Shows a small counter in the status bar (but you need to tweak a bit to get back the status bar, it's not so difficult). But it's too discreet for me. I prefer an icon in the top bar, or more visible in the status bar. Consommation is ok, it consumes very few ressources.

Tab Counter

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It is OK, because it allows the tab indicator to be customized, especially the color, because the size and the font didn't change. But the bad thing is that is uses more memory than other tabs indicators. I would like to have several badges too, as it is possible to have an andvanced indicator, the # of the active tab, the number of tabs preceding, the number of visible tabs (and invisible tabs?), etc...

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Tab Count Badge

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Working. And consuming very few ressources, nearly 0 (tested in addon-memory)

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Multilingual Dictionary

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Multilingual means several, not only 2, that's bilingual.

Kamus DBP

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Interesting to have it as a search engine. Terima kasih!

Dictionary Switcher

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Tested from the status bar: working well. But it's not a dictionary switcher, it's a local switcher.

このユーザーはこのアドオンについて 過去に 1 件のレビュー を書いています。 torrent search

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This Kickass site is now dead, but I hope its offsprint will come soon.

Learn English Pronunciation

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I really like the site, I didn't know it before downloading this extension. But the extension is useless, it's better to go directly to the site, as the extension adds nothing.

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User Agent Changer

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Good, but the import list doesn't work, don't know why. Allow to edit the list of user agents, but I prefer the list already done, too lazy to search all of them.