タイトル Akerbeltz
所在地 Glaschu
ホームページ http://www.faclair.com/
ユーザー登録日 11月 30, 2010
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Michael Bauer "Akerbeltz" graduated in linguistics and celtic studies in Edinburgh but based in Glasgow these days, running a small company providing Scots Gaelic language services. He came to the field of localisation and development of technology for Scots Gaelic via the translation angle, though he has always been interested in speech and language technology.

So far, that has resulted in localisation/development of Firefox, Thunderbird, the Faclair Beag, Opera 11 and various others.


Scottish Gaelic spell checker

An open (traditional spellings and GOC inclusive) spell-checking addon for Scots Gaelic, which will correct over 1.7 million words, making it the biggest spell-checking dictionary to date.

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British English Dictionary (Marco Pinto)

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Best up to date British English spelling extension for Mozilla there is!

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British English Dictionary (Marco Pinto)

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So glad to see someone is working on the British English spellchecking dictionary etc again. Much appreciated.

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Quick Locale Switcher

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Simple, works really well. Might be a tad easier for the average user if selecting a new locale would automatically download the xpi file for that language but either way, good work!

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