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ユーザー登録日 3月 5, 2007
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Saved Password Editor

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Another casualty to Mozilla's webExtension fiasco. such a shame that no standalone add-on such as this one exists for Quantum. everything needs a 3rd-party app/account to use.

Gmail Manager NG

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Issues with FF29 (Australis).
After the FF update to V.29 (Australis), the add-on's icon will not stay at the top toolbar. I go to customize the toolbar, drag the add-on's icon, but after a restart, the icon is gone again.

Gmail Manager

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Still the best Gmail manager add-on. True multiple accounts management, with separate display of email count and snippets from each of the accounts. I love the new design. A must have for Gmail account owners.

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Stop Autoplay

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the reason why I still keep using flash block is that i want a white list of sites to run flash. by default i want to block ALL flash on ALL sites.

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