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Keyword Search

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This is a good concept. I can see this working well especially for people who prefer to use an alternative search engine(like DuckDuckGo or Bing) but need to revert to Google for some searches. I added a Wikipedia search to my Context Menu, and was able to quickly search for new names, terms, and titles when browsing the news. By adding Amazon.com to new tab windows, I could streamline my internet shopaholic habit, which would come in handy in the near future. The add-on was simple to install and the dropdown menus for changing options later were clearly labelled and intuitive to use.

However, after trying several times, reading the instructions on the add on page, and playing around with the settings, I was unable to get the about:home Search Engine and New Tab search engine to work. I set them at first both to Amazon.com and then to DuckDuckGo and Bing. When I navigated to about:home and tried searching both in the address bar and the search bar, the search still ran on Google. The same results occurred when I tried to search from the address bar and search bar on a new tab. I am not sure whether or not this is a bug or if the instructions need to be clarified in regards to about:home and New Tab searches. Another suggestion: allowing users to customize and add their own search engines/websites(ie. Reddit, Craigslist).

Overall, this is a cool idea and will help hinder Google on their inevitable path to becoming the future emperors of the universe. Four stars.