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ユーザー登録日 3月 5, 2007
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More than 2000 dictionaries in 270 Kilobyte! Search multiple dictionaries at once!

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Thunderbird Message Filter Import/Export

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I moved my rules from one Thunderbird account to another and it worked for me like a charm, saved my time and energy, thank you!

Developer Assistant

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I love this extension. Being a developer, it is one of my mostly used one. The JavaScript Shell is a must have. Just click on enumerateWindows, choose your window and try out everything interactively. It's a very helpful extension.

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Open Addons TB

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Useful add-on for quick access to add-ons dialog box. Just one suggestion: a drop down menu with an item "" would be nice which would navigate you to AMO.
Or a right click for the same purpose. IMHO every bit of space on a toolbar/statusbar has to concentrate as much functionality as possible - without being obscurely overburden. Thank you for this one István.

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Open Addons

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This nice little addon does exactly what it promises: opens the Extension Manager's dialog window by one click. After having installed it choose customize toolbar, and drop its icon upon one of the toolbars just where you'd like it to be.

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