Andrei Petcu


タイトル Andrei Petcu
所在地 Bucharest
ユーザー登録日 5月 26, 2016
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I am Free Software enthusiast, Fedora user, polyglot developer and DevOps.

I also have an unlisted Google Translate addon. Check it out! It translates the whole page just like Google Chrome :D It's Free Software under the GPL license.

https://github com/andreicristianpetcu/google_translate_this




Simple Blue Foxkeh

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Bitly | Unleash the power of the link

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This is really cool but please add support for Android Firefox :D Thank you!

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Shades of Firefox

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This is awesome on Android Firefox Nightly v57! The new Photon UI with this theme fit perfectly!


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Firefox starts at startup, I put a "dropdown terminal" style shortcut key for Firefox and it starts instantly just like Google Chrome :D 5 Stars!

Keyword Search

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I use it to set a custom DDG search as default. It is great!

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This addon works on 95% of web sites! It generates a summary of the article and it works really well!

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