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タイトル Ace Fool
ユーザー登録日 6月 23, 2010
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YouTube Anywhere Player

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The add-on works exactly as advertised but is still short of being precisely what I desire. Some things that I believe would make this add-on incredible:

• Close button for the video.
• Collapse button that hides the video (continuing to play audio) and leaves floating buttons behind.
• Four diagonally pointing arrow buttons that move the video to different corners of the screen, or alternatively, a corner selection in the options.
• A pin button that pins the video in place and displays when tabs are switched.
• Option to fade away buttons when video is displayed and not mouse hovering.
• Remove animation when Start Minimize option is enabled.
• Option to have "Open using YouTubeAnywhere Player" added to the context menu instead of opening videos using it automatically.
• Ability to use with playlists. When clicking playlists in the left pane on YouTube under "Library," the add-on attempts to open the link as a video and displays "This video does not exist." If the playlist is opened in a new tab and the Play All button is used, the first video will play and when it finishes, it does not proceed to the next video. To also give full functionality for playlists, Previous and Next video buttons would need to be available in addition to Repeat Playlist and Shuffle.

これは以前のバージョン (2.9.4) についてのレビューです。