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Excellent, works exactly as advertised.

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Keyword Search

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I guess I am just using a small part of this but it gets the job done. I use it in Pale Moon to set the address bar to search on Google, while the search field goes for different locations

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Great extension, been using it for year, but, seriously, who had the idea for that toolbar in the compose window? That's the ugliest thing I have ever seen. As an option for those with really poor eyesight okay but not as the only display for enigmail settings a no-go. That alone is worth removing one or two star.

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Select like a Boss

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Thanks to Martin of gHacks (, I found this little gem. Working flawlessly here in Pale Moon 25 on Linux. Also playing really nice with Grab+Drag. Thanks.

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To make a long story short: nice idea, maybe worked once, now (TB 31 on Linux) it's broken.

Stylish - Custom themes for any website

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Thank you, Jason, for having added support for Pale Moon 25, much appreciated.

I have been using Stylish for many years (I guess I started with some 1.0.X version) and it is amazing how easy one can improve workflow on some sites with a few lines of CSS. While 2.0 is a bit different Stylish stays what it always was, simple and solid.

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Nice, addon, does exactly what it says, would be cool to have something like a menu entry but that's just a minor thing and no reason to lower the rating. Big plus is that it is restartless, so one can easily switch it on and off cause there is no reason to run it constantly.

Funny result, about:addons-memory is at number three in the list above Stylish, Greasemonkey and Adblock in my setup only beaten by NoScript and Pale Moon :D

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Menu Wizard

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I never thought it was possible to get such a complete control over menu entries. Indispensable to keep the UI clean from unneeded or duplicate entries.

Thanks for your work, in particular for adding Pale Moon support.

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