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Nome Günter Gersdorf
Pagina principale https://www.ggbs.de/
Utente da Marzo 5, 2007
Numero di componenti aggiuntivi sviluppati 4 componenti aggiuntivi
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Addressbooks Synchronizer

Synchronizes selected addressbooks with other instances of thunderbird
using local files, webdav servers or imap servers

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Copy Sent to Current

Allows to place a copy of sent messages (aka FCC) into the currently active folder or any other folder you choose, when you create the message. Usually the copies are placed into the 'Sent' folder. For replies, you may also move the original message.

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Show InOut

Adds two columns to the list of mails. One shows an indicator wether a mail is incoming or outgoing, the other shows the sender or the recipient of the mail respectively...

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Simple Mail Redirection

Consente di reindirizzare i messaggi di posta elettronica

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Version 1.4.2 runs on TB102 with one small issue: Clicking on 'Flags' shows the quota and clicking on 'Quota' shows the flags.

Questa recensione riguarda una versione precedente (1.4.2) del componente aggiuntivo.