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I am using the x86/x64 Mozilla build of SeaMonkey 2.46, and I find that ReminderFox works GREAT. So glad to have this. It does exactly what I want without being bloatware. (The so-called "90s style" that another reviewer criticized has just enough features and capabilities.) I have been using this to remind me of tasks that I must do daily and weekly. An absolutely essential extension for me.

The developers have indicated they might abandon ReminderFox due to changes in Firefox technology. I would like to encourage them to continue to develop it for SeaMonkey and for Pale Moon, which is continuing to support "legacy" add-ons.

(N.B. I may have had to use the SeaMonkey converter or fiddle with the install.rdf file to get it to install. Cannot quite recall.)

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I just love this little extension, so lightweight and convenient. I use to make notes regarding websites, extensions, blogs, etc. Before, my notes were disorganized and sometimes forgotten. Now they are kept with the appropriate browser profile and thus are self-organizing!

Works great in Pale Moon 27.2.1 (64-bit) and in SeaMonkey 2.46 (both on Ubuntu).

AMO Browsing für SeaMonkey

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This is an absolutely wonderful extension. It fulfills its promise to make browsing for Seamonkey extensions easier. It did this so seamlessly that I forgot that I had installed this extension and thought that Mozilla had changed its website! The integration with Extension Converter is equally smooth and coherent. Brilliant!
(Used on SM 2.46)

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Pale Moon X

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Pale Moon X and Pale Moon X1 are nice, simple personas. Easy to read menu text; buttons aren't lost in clutter but stand out in sharp relief.

Since these are Pale Moon themes, you should consider having these listed at the Pale Moon add-ons repository. Go to forum.palemoon.org and see about getting it listed.


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It works fine on Pale Moon 64-bit version for Linux as well. All tabs are restored after restart.

I don't like the button it uses, however; it won't use the restart button provided by my theme (Red Cats). So use it in conjunction with Restart App Button by Button Guy, which lets me use my theme's button, but lacks the shortcut keys. I set Button Guy's Restart App Button not to appear in the pull-down menu; I set Schuzak's Restart to appear in pull-down menu, but I remove the button. It would be nice if Schuzack could change his extension so it would use my theme's button, then I wouldn't need the other extension at all.

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