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Gufo per Exchange

Gufo connette Thunderbird al server delle email di Exchange.

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ImportExportTools NG Riavvio richiesto Consigliati

Aggiunge diversi strumenti per importare ed esportare i messaggi (NextGen)

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Paranoia Riavvio richiesto

Check if your emails arrived TLS-encrypted (and which corporations were able to read it nevertheless)

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FileLink Provider for Dropbox

Uploads your large attachments to your Dropbox instead of sending them by email. This uses Thunderbird's FileLink feature.

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mailmindr Riavvio richiesto

Follow up for Thunderbird E-Mails. Lightning or other AddOns are not required. Set a reminder by adding a label or by context menu and let mailmindr remind you.

More information on updates and planned features at

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Encrypt if possible Riavvio richiesto

Sets message security option "encrypt message", if valid X509 certificates are found for all recipients.

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Grammar Checker Riavvio richiesto Consigliati

Checks grammar using LanguageTool.

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Duplicate Contacts Manager Riavvio richiesto

This Thunderbird add-on searches address book(s) for pairs of matching contact entries.
It can automatically delete entries that have equivalent or less information than the other one.
Any remaining matches are presented for manual treatment.

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Imap-ACL-Extension Riavvio richiesto

Extension to manage acls/permissions for shared mailboxes/folders on imap servers.

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LaTeX It! Riavvio richiesto

This addons allows you to write LaTeX expressions in your emails such as $x^2$ or $$\sum_{x=0}\infty$$ and have them all replaced by a PNG image with the corresponding formula inside.

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Folder Account Riavvio richiesto

Lets you associate user accounts and identities with specific folders. Great for multiple users who share TB, or for managing mailing lists.

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Lightning Invitation Notifier Riavvio richiesto

This extension is an extension to Mozilla Lightning for Thunderbird.
It shows a toast message and opens the invitations window when an invitation arrives.

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Identity Chooser Riavvio richiesto

Identity Chooser helps you to always use the correct identity when composing a new email.

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QuickArchiver Riavvio richiesto

Clean up your inbox! While moving a mail the first time, QuickArchiver remembers the destination folder and enables you to move further mails with a single click. You can apply rules by sender, recipient and subject.

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URL Link Riavvio richiesto

URL Link is a small Thunderbird extension that allows you to select a non-URL in a mail/news message or web-page, and open it in a browser window.

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BorderColors D Riavvio richiesto

Shows a colorful border around the "New Message" window, so you can tell different identities apart.

Builds on the original BorderColors and the "GT" version, adding different border styles.

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LocalFolders Riavvio richiesto Consigliati

Aggiungi tutte le cartelle locali che vuoi.
Le nuove cartelle possono risiedere in percorsi mappati o di rete.

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ThreadVis Riavvio richiesto

Displays a small graphic visualising the context (thread) of the currently selected email.

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ThunderHTMLedit Riavvio richiesto Consigliati

Thunderbird HTML editor. This add-on adds a HTML tab to the composition window where you can see and edit the HTML source of the message.

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Phoenity Buttons Riavvio richiesto

Adds some toolbar buttons using phoenity icons.
Displays message headers more compact (2 lines).

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