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It works pretty well (I'm keeping it), but with some reservations.

On a UK keyboard it doesnt work exactly the same as MS (word at any rate).

for example in word you do indeed press Cntrl+grave`,e to get e grave
in zombiekeys TB you need to press [email protected],e to get e grave. If I feel keen I'll post the complete set another time. It does seem odd that it isnt exactly the same, but then I never understood keyboard mappings.

On a full keyboard with a number pad you can just as easily use the Alt0123 type shortcuts. But with a laptop this is tedious to the point of impracticality. 8/10

Questa recensione riguarda una versione precedente (1.3) del componente aggiuntivo. 

This is now better addressed by customized key mappings which will be specific for a specific keyboard layout. In version 2.5 in UK (and Irish) layouts you can now use CTRL+' and CTRL+# (adjacent keys) for à and á. Also CTRL+SHIFT+^ for â and [email protected] for å. CTRL+SHIFT+~ is a little problematic as it is used in Firefox to toggle through tab groups, so this is likely going to be changed to CTRL+ALT.

The important fact is that it should be possible to use the key combos in these keyboard layouts, as the generated key codes are actually different depending on keyboard locale. When used frequently as part of a language, the combos should be easy to remember (I always use ä, ö and ü when writing German) but for the less frequently used combos (or the ones occupied by application hot keys) , the toolbar button gives quick access to them.

I am hoping to add more keyboard locales in the future, depending on user requests.