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Nome Chris Kosbab
Località S. SJ, Cali.
Lavoro Graphic Designer, Systems Engineer, SW Developer
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Utente da Feb. 2, 2011
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I am interested in being helpful to FFox, Mozilla, and to the software user's community, yet advancing my notoriety in development and engineering and/or designing and become successful in my career track(s).
Capable of Designing Graphics:
many and/or most of those known today
Capable of SW development/engineering:
many types - I will not list them as of yet, but intend to be java and flash based among others
Capable of computer services:
via my own company located in San Jose, CA

Thank you for welcoming me and assiting me with tools, information, and collaborators needed for my work!

*note, more of my graphics engineering at the following:[email protected]/

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