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Menu Wizard

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This add-on is *effective*. All items seem to sort properly, without glitches in my testing.

The main problem is the GUI is not practical, when there are many context menu items to sort.

It relies on click & drag to rearrange menu items. First, it is too easy to unintentionally move an item into a folder-style menu group. So this causes the user to naturally decrease his dragging speed.

Then it becomes worse, because once you reach the limits of the visible window, dragging speed becomes incredibly slow. If you extend your dragging motion out, you can get bursts of dragging speed. But practically, your fingers and wrists will be strained when using this GUI over a period of time.

It takes an incredibly long time to rearrange menu's with lots of items to sort.

A more practical GUI would decrease the size of items to prevent off-screen problems. Perhaps buttons can be added which send selected context menu items up & down with good speed.

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Image Zoom (ugly fixes)

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None of the options affect any images. Must be some incompatibility with latest FireFox.

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