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i must admit this addon is a great one, almost everything works.
pretty good impression until i have read the comments about the adverts/adware. after a quick investigation, i decided to create an account to tell you guys what i have found so far.

the developer mentioned "Version 5.07; Released March 29, 2017 3-d party JavaScript-advertising has been deleted from add-on" 7 mths ago, it could be true since i didnt find any other third party js. unfortunately, i can still find codes related to the advert things like, under some circumstances, it might post some data to another server, perhaps for those who opted to see the adverts (by default and for outdated versions).

i have not read the policies here so i cant comment it is legal or not, or whether the developer is right to do so. however IMHO it's better to inform the users about this before installing this addon

anyway, i think it's really a good addon and it's up to the users to install it or not.

Questa recensione riguarda una versione precedente (5.10) del componente aggiuntivo.