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Sorry, you have misunderstood the meaning of 'Start Folder'.

It is not the top folder in the list.

It is the one which is always focused on Thunderbird startup. Its content is therefore always displayed in the thread pane on startup.

You have described the correct method to always show 'Local Folders" at the top of the folders pane.

That is not what I commented on and you will see that I did not mention 'top position' or anything similar in my previous review.

If you click on 'Local Folders' in the folders pane, you will see what I want to see in the thread pane whenever Thunderbird starts.

When it was working, 'Folderpane Tools' used to provide this feature - one simply chose 'Local Folders' as the start folder.

Unfortunately, 'Folderpane Tools' no longer works and, although 'Manually Sort Folders' does allow one to select a start folder, that facility does not include 'Local Folders' as 'Folderpane tools used to.

From 'franc's review on November 3, 2014:

".. I looked around and like another here posted (user "RDL"), the only reason why I used Folderpane Tools was to set the Local Folder on top position."

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I have that same "Error parsing XML: Entity not defined.." error when trying to use this extension's options in TB31.0.

I hope Philip Chee is able to provide a fix. In the meantime, users may want to try the extension 'Manually Sort Folders', which is also to be found on this website.

'Manually Sort Folders' seems to provide most of the features of 'Folderpane Tools' but,unlike it, does not allow one to specify 'Local Folders' as one's start folder (and thus to see the management page on TB start instead of an actual folder content).

'Folderpane Tools' allows that and is the reason I use it.

'Folderpane Tools' is also about half the size of 'Manually Sort Folders'.