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Using TB 15.01 [b/c the newer versions gave me problems]. I really appreciated this extension to rearrange my many email accts in TBird. However for the last <?> so-many versions of TBird (including 17x which I tried before reverting back to 15x) the column headings were not being saved, and I traced the problem to Folderpane Tools.

Ex: In the SENT folder I set to hide the "From" column and instead show the "Recipient" column. But every time I re-started TBird, the columns reverted to the default ...unless I disabled extensions, then the settings stuck.

Folderpane Tools 0.61 turned out to be the culprit. After I enabled it, I lost my saved column settings again. When I disabled the extension, my column settings stuck again.

I like the extension but will keep it disabled except for when I need to use it. Wish I knew enough to fix the code myself! If not for the bug I'd give it 5 stars. :)