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attachment column in search result list Perlu Mulai Ulang

Show the column for attachments in search results list. General search (edit-> search -> search emails) does not show by default if a message has attachments.
This addon adds this column, just as in a normal folder view.

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New Thread To All Perlu Mulai Ulang

If you always have the same email recipient lists for your projects, this button may be the right thing for you.

It creates a new mail compose window with to, cc, bcc filled with names from the currently viewed email, but empty body, subject.

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Show Calendar Week

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to say I have been desperate about this may be a bit exaggerating but ...
I love business phone conversations like this:
'let's do that in calendar week xx' ... Then I have short look at lightning ... grrh why didn't I stay with Outlook (I hate it) ... some guesswork: could it be Mar 21-27th??? Or trying to find a way to ask the business partner without confessing that I don't know the week numbers ...

Finally, that is gone now. really useful addon.

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see also comment below.
Unfortunately, can't follow re - messages.
That happens even if there is no re in the subject line. It seems TB or the addon get that elsewhere.

That really is a pity - 80% of my emails are a re on some other message.

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in a communication tree, soon there is a collection of
messages -re --re re --- re re re etc.
If I answer a single email and my mail starts with re: subject, it is immediately noted as 'already replied to' after sending. Doesn't wait for actual replies to come in. Win 7, newest TB.

For messages without re: very convinient addon

Ulasan ini dibuat untuk versi pengaya (0.6) sebelumnya.