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Név jrhd437
Ezóta tag márc. 29, 2013
Létrehozott kiegészítők száma 4 téma
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A love of grunge, guns, graphics and God. ... and of course, FireFox, the world's best browser.

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Lollipop Road

This persona is gentle transition of colors on a gradient that reminds me of an isle of lollipops. This gradient will not fight for focus against Firefox elements or web pages.

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Blu Moon

This "Blu Moon" persona is crystal clear and subtle. It is great for those who love to look up.

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Dream of Waves

A subtle gradient of colors lighten up your browsing environment and keep you going. If your tired of mundane and drab, this is the persona for you.

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Another Dream

A less subtle "Dream" comes in this persona. It is vibrant and lively! Spark up the world's best browser with this persona!

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