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Hello together.
I export my complete Gmail account for offline usage and backup. I test some MBOX Viewer programms and don't like most of them. As I've heart that TB (68.3.1) can work with MBOX, I was really exited but now I can't load the MBOX file in, maybe someone can help: If I click on MBOX import, nothing happens. I can't choose files or sth else. Will be great if you have an idea, how to solve this problem.

Ez az értékelés a kiegészítő előző verziójához készült (4.0.4). 

Thanks for the review, sorry for the confusion!
I am trying to find time to make a user guide which never existed with the
original extension one I took it over. Currently I have a set of issues
in the repository that will ultimately make up to guide. I have one
For the menus and one the basics of mbox import.
You can also ask questions in the repository by creating an issue.

Hopefully this gets you going, if not post a question.
Happy New Year's!