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Név Fudokisan
Hely Athens, GA USA
Foglalkozás Retired Programmer/Metrologist
Ezóta tag jan. 21, 2009
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Internet pioneer, developed such strange concepts as "distance education", "online bookstore", "affinity networking", and "online auction" before the invention of the web browser or the microcomputer. On the founding staff of The Center for Educational Technology at the University of Georgia, where we helped the new (in 1985) discipline of Instructional Technology get off the ground. Former ARPA-net user in the U.S. Navy, brought many of the capabilities of the military network into the academic sphere. Retired 1999. Now working in solar power applications, home automation, and artisan furniture making.

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Orbit 3+1

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For those of us who helped create the Internet, Seamonkey, Open Source software, etc. who gave our all, our EYES, to the effort in thousands of late night hours this is one of the easiest to read, best laid out, and best thought out themes ever. In over ten years of using it there have only been a handful of new themes to match Orbit's intuitive simplicity and minimalistic good looks. Kudos to the writers, and mainly to the folks who are now keeping it current and working right. Your efforts are really appreciated!

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