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I got it to work, but I had to change the settings several times. Options that worked were <default account> and using a different e-mail address (first one did not work).
Also, both the website and e-mail of the developer report "Server Not Found"

John, ON, Canada

Polski slownik poprawnej pisowni

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The review by Maciej Józefiak on 2013-01-23 was bang on.Just do as he says: Download the file, use 7Zip or another archive program to update the file as he describes. Although this is flying blind, it worked perfectly in Thunderbird 17.0.8.John, Ontario, Canada

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (1.0.20110621). 


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I also get an "XML Parsing Error: undefined entity" when using v1.4b1321741953 in Windows 7-64 bit.
This is a great program and I agree that it would be nice to have this feature as part of TB to avoid bloated mail files with pictures that I need to save elsewhere anyway.

Mail Redirect

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V0.7.6.6 worked for me today: TB 7.01. Windows 7 home premium. Downloaded as described by xenshi. Thanks both.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (0.7.4).