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Great extension, I use it every day, all day!!! I am stuck on TB 60.9.1. Will it be updated for TB 68.*?

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Does what it is supposed to. A perfect replacement for its predecessors which are no longer supported.

Tested and working with Ubuntu 18.04 Linux

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Working properly on (TB 60.6.1 on MS Windows 8.1)

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Doesn't seem to do anything (TB 60.6.1 on macOS 10.14.4)

EDIT: to be more precise, this add-on conflicts with the Display Mail User Agent extension for Thunderbird. When that is installed, Autocopy doesn't work.

Updating my rating to 3.

Sorry, but I just repacked and upload here the old extension with a little mod stated from here
Beyond that I don't have the skill to fix that or anything else. This addon is going to stop on the next big version of TB unfortunately.