Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Spent hours trying to install this. There are no instructions whatsoever. May be fine if you are a programmer or such, but if not, stay well clear until installation instructions are provided.
After initial downloading, click on 'Options' and a double sided pane appears. What do you do with it? I've tried every permutation : nothing! I found a page entitled 'Installation', hope at last! But all that does is solves problems after installation.

In effect, without instructions, for someone who simply wants to sync address books between Thunderbird installations on several computers, this add-on is useless
Thankyou for your help. Unfortunately I still cannot make it work. The instructions are the ones I was referring to. Nothing seems to happen as per the instructions. The configuration page has nothing under 'About SyncKolab' despite having several imap accounts. I've tried it on two P,C.s and a laptop, it's the same on all three. Also I have no extra folders.

Mike Hadley

If you check out the about page you will find al ink pointing to instructions ( http://www.gargan.org/en/Mozilla_Extensions/SyncKolab/Installation/ ). and form there a link to the configuration at http://synckolab.mozdev.org/notes.html

I will add the configuration to the installation page for easier access.