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After installing the new update, the background color of the folder pane changed from white to grey. The right-hand pane did not change and is still white. How can I set the folder pane back to the original default and why not just honor the original setting?

edit: Thanks for the heads-up. Will try to remember using eMail next time. I'm pleased to see you are still updating this addon. BTW, managed to get back what I had before with:

/* Folderpane & Messagepane (white) */
treechildren {
background-color: #FFFFFF !important; }

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I am aware of the background change on the folder panel on the left, and plan to fix that (along with the margins there) once I find time for an update. I'm quite happy I was able to provide an update for TB 24 at all, as my time is rather limited currently. Note that the current background (which is not gray, but a noisy pattern) is the new original default ;)

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