English United States Dictionary Version History

10 versions

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Version 115.0 189.3 KiB

Update to Firefox/Thunderbird 115.

Version 91.0 189.4 KiB

Updated to the dictionary shipping with TB/FF 91.

Version 78.0 188.6 KiB

Version 68.0 187.3 KiB

Version 60.1webext 204.7 KiB

Version 60 186.3 KiB

Version 52 208.8 KiB

Update to en-US dictionary as shipped with Firefox 52.

Version 45 210.1 KiB

Before this add-on provided the SCOWL "large" size dictionary. Since this is now distributed in another add-on, this add-on now distributes the Mozilla-maintained en-US English dictionary of the latest Firefox ESR release.

Version 2016.01.19 306.5 KiB

Update to new SCOWL version 2016.01.19

Version 2015.08.24 306.2 KiB