ThamiZha! Solthiruthi(Tamil spellchecker) Version History

9 versions

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Version 0.8.2webext 352.1 KiB

Version 0.8.1-typefix 355.1 KiB

Version 0.8 354.0 KiB

Total words: 83607
Root words with prefix/suffix rules: 14085

Version 0.7 354.0 KiB

Fixed lot of bugs
Version 0.7
Total Words:83607
Root words with prefix/suffix rules: 14367

Version 0.6 354.0 KiB

Added more words.

Version 0.5 640.0 KiB

Total words: 189544
Root words with prefix/suffix rules: 756

Version 0.4 641.0 KiB

Total words in this version: 190119
- Root words added with prefix/suffix rules: 651
- Added Thunderbird support

Version 0.3 642.0 KiB

This version is updated with 190432 words. And many words were included with prefix/suffix rules.
It contains files from the following github commit:

Version 0.2 159.0 KiB

This version contains updated dictionary files