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Quote from: https://github.com/mkiol/GNotifier/issues/207

" [Announcement] GNotifier on Thunderbird 60 #207

Dear GNotifier's friends,

Mozilla has just released Thunderbird 60. This new release comes with many improvements and new exciting features. It is a major update that also introduces some changes in add-ons area. Those changes have negative impact on GNotifier.

Unfortunately, in current form, GNotifier can't be run on TB 60.

There are at least two major issues that I've identified:

Options panel has to be rewritten to standalone version (so called "option type 3")
TB60 doesn't support extensions written with Add-on SDK framework (so called "jetpack extensions")

Because of the above and having very limited time, I don't see any other option but to close this project. I can't continue to support GNotifier any more :-( "