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Version 1.08.2webext 674.9 KiB

Version 1.08.1-typefix 675.4 KiB

Version 1.08 675.0 KiB

Will now work with Firefox and Thunderbird version 10.

Version 1.07 647.0 KiB

I weithio efo Firefox a Thunderbird hyd at versiwn 9.

To work with Firefox and Thunderbird versions up to v9

Version 1.06 647.0 KiB

Newidiadau i wneud yn siwr bod y geiriadur yn gweithio efo Thunderbird 6 and Firefox 7.
Updated to ensure compatibility with Thunderbird 6, which I just realised doesn't work!
Should also now work with Firefox 7.

Mozilla's new update cycle means that I'm going to have to do this more often from now on I suppose!!

Version 1.05 647.0 KiB

Now works with Firefox 4.
<em:unpack> tag required for successful installation into FF4.