Lower Sorbian dictionary Version History

15 versions

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Version 298.5 KiB

Version 1.5.0 299.1 KiB

Larger update of words in the dictionary.

Version 1.4.8 296.6 KiB

Improved automatic rules for comparative and superlative forms of adjectives, fixes for numerals, added some new words, fixed several mistakes.

Version 1.4.7 296.9 KiB

Added more words, tweaked suggestion rules, fixed errors in dictionary rules.

Version 1.4.6 289.0 KiB

adding more words, fixing a few mistakes

Version 1.4.5 281.0 KiB

- added some words
- removed some wrong forms

Version 1.4.4 273.0 KiB

- compatibility with Firefox 4.0
- added some words

Version 1.4.3 273.0 KiB

- added some words
- made the extension compatible with Firefox 4

Version 1.4.2 267.0 KiB

improving suggestions, removed some bad ones, adding more forms

Version 1.4.1 266.0 KiB

fixed some words

Version 1.3.0 267.0 KiB

- Many words added and fixed
- Compacted the dictionary a bit

Version 1.2.0 265.0 KiB

Version 1.1.2 269.0 KiB

added inflexion for some important irregular verbs, testing and making the extension compatibile with Firefox 3.6

Version 1.1 269.0 KiB

more focus on verbs

Version 1.0.0 263.0 KiB