Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Just what I needed! Win 10 interface is terrible, and scrollbars have become very difficult to see. This add-on fixes that and then some. I do have a few suggestions for improving it, assuming it's still being developed:

- It took me a few minutes of trying to make changes with nothing happening before I realized I had to select a custom preset on the left. Perhaps a warning if trying to customize a non-custom preset would be helpful.
- It also took some time to figure out what various settings mean/change, such as radius and thumb. Tooltips or short explanations would have been nice.
- For some reason, the buttons lose their arrows when customizing with v2. I ended up just using v1, which accomplished the same look I was going for and ended up being much simpler, but not sure why it disallows keeping the arrows on the buttons if you want to make use of the extra customization provided by v2.
- Most importantly, and it would easily be 5-stars if this were added, it would really benefit from being able to export/import the settings.

All in all, 4.5/5 for my needs. Thanks a ton for this!