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Like others, I think it'd be better to not have this as a separate toolbar- though that can easily be turned on / off. But I don't see the point of having a full width toolbar & only showing 6 - 7 characters at once. Why all the wasted space? Maybe make it where characters can be copied from drop down list (space them out)?

It'd probably be better as an addon bar button, where the whole palette pops up.
But, if it's much easier to program like you did, OK. Don't know if either method would use less RAM, when not actively using CP.

When I open the CM toolbar (using an Fx light weight theme), the background is the same as background of my theme. That's OK - to a point. Unless using a very solid type background, many of the characters or parts of them are quite small & difficult to see.

You can set a background color for the toolbar using Stylish or a useChrome.css code, but most don't want to hassle w/ it. That may be a good reason to have the character palette pop up from the addon bar, using it's own background that contrasts w/ the characters.

On the Github help site, it says,
[quote]"To add a new palette to the applet, click on the Add button."[/quote]
Really? How do I actually DO that? What format do the "additions" need to be? Can I add whole collections? Where do you get them & what format are they?
Could I add the whole collection from Windows Character Map?