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I have had decidedly few problems with Lightning other than the occasional delay for updates to the newest version of TB that seem to roll out VERY frequently.

However, using my Android phone I've come to realize a problem with the sync'ed calendars across the three platforms. The Android calendar tool sets the 'tentative' attendance flag by default. In order to be far more functional, Lightning needs to be rewritten only slightly so that the evaluation logic changes. Instead of checking the attendance type flag (confirmed/tentative/not going) first, there needs to be additional logic built in: is the person the only attendee listed on the event. If so, ignore the status flag. If not, then evaluate that flag for display coloration. That way, when I create dozens of little personal events for my personal calendar, or I create events for my professional calendar that are solely for me, it doesn't make it look like I belong in a mental institution for creating events for myself that I might or might not be attending.

Otherwise, it has been a terrific tool for me, and with the expansion of Android, my life has become MUCH more organized because of this add on and TB. Thank you so very much!

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