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Although it is a usefull tool, the new version uses a new file naming convention which makes it useless for me. It now uses the sender/recepient in the filename instead of the subject. So when archiving email I get large lists of PDF files with filenames that make no sense other than that it is an incoming or outgoing email from or to a particular party. Is there any way to get the old functionality back ???? (yes I read the re re re comment; most business mail is different though)

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Great add on, version 3.3.2 works with Thunderbird version 60.4.0. Very usefull for archiving email in standard formats likes txt or pdf

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Not giving up hope yet but version 3.3.1 still does not work on my system: no export to PDF (or any of the other formats for that matter except the mbox). Compared to 3.3.0 I can now select a target directory for output but thats it, no output files appear (not anywhere).

Are you using prefix in filenames? Anyway try 3.3.2 version, available now in my website, it should work.

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The new version 3.3.1 cannot be downloaded, mozilla keeps offering 3.3.0 which is not compatible with thunderbird version 60.4.0.
Great add on when it works, use it to archive all important mail as pdf's

3.3.1 version is waiting for approval here, it will be available soon I guess.