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searx.me 0.9.x

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compared search "internet explorer" "reading mode" "button missing"
searx.me-lots of relevant results
Google-1 page, none relevant (1st listing=page titled adobe acrobat !)
StartPage-no results at all, only Google sponsored ads.

Only con-save page only saved the search box, the results part of the page didn't save.

Mozilla Archive Format, with MHT and Faithful Save

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I use multiple different browsers, I also use ms word to open and annotate saved web pages. People I send mht files to also use different browsers.

This add-on
-REMOVED the basic FF htm, html save options.
-saves mht un-openable by internet explorer or word.
-is unable to save in ANY format openable by ie.

If it can OPEN IE mhts, the authors must know to code to SAVE in same format?
If this was a bug, it should have been clearly pointed out in the description. It looks more like some sort of attempt at forcing people to abandon ie? If so, it failed.
Ininstalled before bothering to try with any other browser.
Please let me know if someone makes an add-on that actually does what this one says it does.

In the meantime I shall continue to painfully copy paste urls of each page I need to save/reaccess/annotate, from FF to IE and save as files I can actually use.

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Indikator für persönliche Nachrichten

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Found the options buttons at the bottom of the information page. Description on Github link - " "triple style", which shows a single arrow (›) if a message is sent only to you, a double arrow (») if it is sent to a group and a triple arrow if it is sent to a mailing list."

Triple style works but seems a bit random: single arrow correctly shows up on a first email addressed to me only, double arrows appear on my reply to the sender of that email, (including an unsent draft), and (correctly) to an email to 1 with 2 ccs; triple arrows on an email received addressed to 2 emails and 2 ccs, and (correctly) to emails sent to a large list. Interestingly, only 1 spam message had 3 arrows: a spoof email sent from my own address)
It works with Header Tools Lite and picks up ccs (and my bccs - interested to see if it picks up SENDER bccs?) in its calculations , which is good.
I will continue with it, it is useful.

(When Gmail view is selected (the default), spam, email from me to myself, group and cc'd emails all show 1 angle bracket. (I have catchall mailboxes, as do most domain name owners, they work with the triple style.)
Same result when I sent it to a 1-off email address (not catchall).

Couldn't find how to "add email addresses as identities in thunderbird"? Does this mean have accounts settings set up for each email account (which I have, and the triple style works with that, I wouldnt want the Gmail style anyway)? I have catchalls set up for 2 accounts (each with aliases =different [email protected] domain name); and 1 email address for each of my other TB accounts.

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Send and File

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I have relied on this and Paolo's other brilliant addons for a while. This one is just great avoiding having to search for and move sent emails.

Yes it could be made better by having a search for any part of folder name... as I use punctuation marks in front of names to set the folder order

(I thought the option in favourites- "same folder as original" had disappeared, but it was there at the top when I used the scroll bar!)
Thank you Paolo Kaosmos.