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Thunderbird Message Filter Import/Export Enhanced

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TBird 24.2 Just downloaded and installed this addon. I use the "classic" menu bar. I now have an import option under tools., which only includes Eudora. I can find no way to export (there is no button on the Message filters window - or no other way I can find). The extension is not listed in my addons manager, so if I want to remove it there is no apparent way to accomplish that When this is working, I don't know if there is a way to export individual filters from one account to another (which is what I would like), if I have to export all filters as a chunk and import all filters, or if this is more intended to export and import between profiles. I can't find a link to learn more from the author's website. Getting filters from one account to another is a very basic function that shouldn't be so difficult, so If I can get this to work it would be marvelous. I would like to enable and disable this addon as the need arises. I've never had an addon not show up in the addon page before, and am concerned about that.I'll change my review when I understand what this addon is supposed to do and why I cannot see it to remove it if I can't get it to do what I need - or otherwise learn how to remove it.

I've reinstalled (over the previous install), and it now appears in the addon list.


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Why would anyone want to print the headers by default. This is just a stupid TB default? Thanks for fixing it.
Question - once I set my preferences, can I disable the PrintingTools extension, then re-enable it only if I want to make a change?

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TitleCase For Thunderbird

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I had caps lock on by mistake.What I wanted to write was this:1.) I was visiting the Soviet Union last July and ABSOLUTELY no Americans were in St Petersburg that day.How it came out was this:2.) i WAS VISITING THE sOVIET uNION LAST jULY AND absolutely NO aMERICANS WERE IN sT Petersburg that day.What TitleCase case gives me with your solution is this:3.) I was visiting the soviet union last july and absolutely no americans were in st petersburg that day.It probably serves a useful function, but when I need it is when the CAPS lock was on by mistake. It doesn't work well for that. My rating is only relevant to my needs. For other needs at may well deserve 5 starsclick previous post by this user below,

Well, I've tried v 2.5.It is just absolutely what I need. Thanks so much.I have this problem more often than I'd like to admit. You solved it for Thunderbird. Five stars! Ever consider making an addon for OpenOffice?

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TitleCase For Thunderbird

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I guess it;s 4 out of 4 saying toggle case is critical before it is highly useful. On my computers it is installed, but disabled until toggle case becomes an option.

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