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Fetch Text URL (fix version)

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Works perfectly in Palemoon and will continue to, well into the future beyond web extensions.
We would appreciate being able to continue accessing this extension in years to come.
Palemoon is not going down the web extension path.
Thank you for your fine efforts with all your extensions.

Element Hiding Helper für Adblock Plus

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Works very well in Palemoon (using v1.3.0.1)
Thank you for your addon

Dorando keyconfig

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Works well in Palemoon, no problems.
+ good outline by developer on the addons page is very welcome
(A lesson for developers of other extensions/addons
+ keeps my key-bindings to a minimum to free up for other extensions and OS global keys.
+ easy to manage other extensions, who overkill with shortcut keys
+ very easy to use ... simple common sense settings even for a dinosaur like me
+ "Options" window keys can be customized via "Keyconfig" item, I disabled the default Ctrl+Shift+F12
+ blue text for custom settings saves having to document my preferences
-- disabled settings by user cannot be identified ... bold font could help
+ reset btn resets the selected "key", thankfully it does not reset the entire list
+ worth a donation ... but where ?

Thank you for your time and effort, very appreciated :applause:

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Password Tags

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I use the "Tags" field for more cryptic titles for URLs.
Identifying a website by its domain name is sometimes very difficult and often impossible.
I find it easier to scan down a list of (sorted) cryptic tags to locate websites.
Probably not what tags with metadata were intended for ;)

Has worked perfectly with Palemoon for several years, including latest v26.4.1.

Thank you Daniel for this (and several of your other) addons :)

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