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Perakun had stopped working for some reason. Thankfully this seems to do the job. Many thanks.

In response to this post...

"cantofish cannot save clipboard word to file

i would like to use cantofish as memo pad for unknown word as suggested by Morgo. but when i try this, always error happen because of unreconised path. i try ~/cantoneseword.txt or just cantoneseword.txt all fail.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars by jthx on April 22, 2010"

I have the solution...

The file name should be something along the lines of: "C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserNamel\Desktop\test.txt"

That seemed to work for me. And I'm now pressing S very happily, adding to my test file, and then importing into Anki and the Mandarin card template.

This is a great tool for me. I return to China in August for three years of working on climate change issues. So this is going to be a big help as I start to ramp up my Mandarin skills again.

Thanks for the work on this John. And thanks for the suggestion Morgo of saving files that can be picked up by Anki.

Happy studying everyone!

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