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Still learning about these computers, well I`ve only been using one for 30 years !
Thanks goodness for add-ons.

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Brilliant. Thank you so much.I had been trying to avoid the upgrade to 68 as I read that many of my add ons wouldn`t be compatible with the new version, sadly I was updated and left with a rubbish dull looking page with a huge header taking up way too much room. So much better now, but could I perhaps ask if it might be possible to have a few colour options for this header, just to highlight the screen separation? Well done and thanks again.

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MS Office 2003 JB Edition

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JB you are a star ! Didn`t intend to update TB to 6 but hey it happened and I was left with their basic set up. I hate change and to be honest would still use outlook express. I used this add on in previous versions but like a fool I deleted it in anger when this upgrade changed things and for the past 4 days I tried everything to get it back with many restores attempts. Trouble was I was looking at add-ons and not Themes. Absolute joy now I have this office 2003 back. Why TB is incapable of realising their format is terrible I`ll never know. Thanks JB.

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