Grammalecte [fr] (for Thunderbird) Benötigt Neustart

Correcteur grammatical dédié à la langue française. Inclus : conjugueur, formateur de texte et dictionnaires orthographiques.

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EHTip Benötigt Neustart

Word translation in tooltip with English⟷Croatian dictionary already incorporated.

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As-you-type phonetic conversion of text from one alphabet to another, as well as transliteration/detransliteration of selected text anywhere within documents. Supports multiple languages and custom transliteration schemes.

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CantoFish Benötigt Neustart

CantoFish is a popup Cantonese-English dictionary for Firefox. It contains over 200,000 entries and works with both traditional and simplified Chinese characters. The Yale and Jyutping romanization systems are supported, as well as Mandarin pinyin.

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Preslovar Benötigt Neustart

Ћирилично/латинично пресловљавање, виртуална ћирилична тастатура - Serbian Cyrillic/Latin transliteration and Virtual Cyrillic keyboard

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Simple Locale Switcher Benötigt Neustart

Die Sprache der Benutzeroberfläche einfacher verwalten

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Automatisches Wechseln des Wörterbuchs Benötigt Neustart

Add-on, das die Sprache der Rechtschreibprüfung beim Schreiben einer Nachricht speichert und sie dann bei jeder Nachricht an diese Person wiederherstellt.

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AVIM Benötigt Neustart

Ein Eingabemethode-Editor für die vietnamesische Sprache. Tippe auf vietnamesische mit diakritischen Zeichen direkt in Webseiten oder Dialogfeld mit einer Standard Tastatur.

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Look Up in Dictionary Benötigt Neustart

Looks up a selected word in OS X's Dictionary.app

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Equations Benötigt Neustart

Insert inline LaTeX equations into e-mail messages.

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Babylon Dictionary Word Search Benötigt Neustart

Find the definition for a selected word in a web page or an email.
Right click over the selected word, choose the option "Search in Babylon" and that's it! You will have a new window with the definition of the selected word.

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Zombie Keys Benötigt Neustart Vorgestellt

Die Eingabe Europäischer Sprachen (die diakritisches Zeichen (Buchstaben mit Akzenten, Tremazeichen, Umlauten, etc.) in Mozilla Programme mit einer Englischen Tastatur ist nicht mehr unmöglich!

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Rikaichan Japanese-English Dictionary File Benötigt Neustart

This is a dictionary file add-on for the Rikaichan extension.

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No Small Text

Set a minimum text size for all web content. Use the toolbar button to switch it on and off. NEW: Three preset sizes. NEW: Use mouse scroll on the toolbar button.

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Zhong Wen Benötigt Neustart

Mouse over a Chinese character to find out it's meaning. A popup will appear showing the 'Pinyin' pronunciation, the simplified character form, and the English translation. You can customize what parts to show on the preferences window.

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ComposeRTF Benötigt Neustart

Compose messages Right-to-Left or Left-to-Right. Unlike other addons which change the direction of typing of the whole message, this addon allows you to control the direction of an individual paragraph.

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Rikaichan Japanese Names Dictionary File Benötigt Neustart

A dictionary file for Rikaichan.

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Right Encoding Benötigt Neustart

Adds the Character Encoding menu to the context menu

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Markov Dictionary Switcher Benötigt Neustart

Based on Dictionary Switcher but more than a thousand times faster and you can choose dictionaries that you want to use. Detects the language of the message that you are composing and changes the spelling dictionary.

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Wörterbuch-Manager für Thunderbird Benötigt Neustart

Zeigt das momentane Wörterbuch in der Statusleiste an ...

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