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Hide Caption Titlebar Plus ⁴

⦁ NEW! Floating Toolbars & Menus with autohide!
⦁ "Maximize your screen content space by adjusting window TitleBar, Tabs, Toolbars, etc!".
⦁ Multiple Configurable Actions for both screen-corner buttons: Application/'Home' & Close buttons!

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Hinzugefügt am Sept. 29, 2018

URL Link Benötigt Neustart

URL Link is a small Thunderbird extension that allows you to select a non-URL in a mail/news message or web-page, and open it in a browser window.

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Hinzugefügt am Sept. 23, 2018

MinimizeToTray Reanimated Benötigt Neustart

MinimizeToTray Reanimated is an application mainly dedicated to Thunderbird to allow its minimization in the systray in one click. It is the update of MinimizeToTray Revived, which is not maintained anymore since the recent versions of Thunderbird.

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Hinzugefügt am Sept. 12, 2018

Seturgent Benötigt Neustart

Sets the urgent flag (X11) of the Thunderbird window under Linux in case of new messages. Does ignore special folders like Drafts, Junk and such.

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Hinzugefügt am Aug. 21, 2018

EasyRight2Left Benötigt Neustart

Change direction from Left to Right and Right to Left for Persian, Arabic, Hebrew etc. This Thunderbird extension is based on ComposeRTF available in

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Hinzugefügt am Aug. 21, 2018

Provider für CalDAV & CardDAV

Erweitert den Thunderbird Sync Manager "TbSync" um die Möglichkeit, CalDAV & CardDAV Konten zu verwalten und zu synchronisieren.

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Hinzugefügt am Aug. 20, 2018

Mailing list filter Benötigt Neustart

Mail filter search term using mailing lists (and not whole addressbooks).

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Hinzugefügt am Aug. 2, 2018

YNote Benötigt Neustart

Make some text notable on the each folder in folder's property dialog box.

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Hinzugefügt am Juli 31, 2018

Thunderbird Addons Test Benötigt Neustart

Change prefs so that you use as the provider for add-on downloads and updates.

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Hinzugefügt am Juli 16, 2018

Events spanning multiple days Benötigt Neustart

Displays multiple day events as a "spanning" event, without borders of the day-elements inside the month- and multiweek-view.

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Hinzugefügt am Juli 7, 2018

EditEmailSubject-hotfix Benötigt Neustart

Hotfix for EditEmailSubject version 2.1.0 by jisse44

- fixed: does not overwrite Message-ID and references with undefined

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Hinzugefügt am Juli 4, 2018

Unmangle Outlook Safelinks Benötigt Neustart

Users of Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection wil change
all url's in emails to redirect them to an Microsoft filter before opening.

This plugin wil change the url back to the original value.

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Hinzugefügt am Juni 28, 2018

KeeBird Benötigt Neustart

Use KeePass Password Safe to manage your login credentials.

This is the replacement for the KeeFox extension for Thunderbird.

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Hinzugefügt am Mai 14, 2018

Auto Filter Timer Benötigt Neustart

Run existing message filters on any folder at a specified interval. Simply right-click the desired folder then choose from the [AUTOFILT] menu items. This is a hack/clean-up of another coder's work, but works perfectly. Use at your own risk

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Hinzugefügt am April 13, 2018

Theme Font & Size Changer (fixed)

Fixed version (no 90 day timer till silent failure) of the popular "Theme Font & Size Changer for Thunderbird" addon

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Hinzugefügt am April 9, 2018

Bugmail (fixed version) Benötigt Neustart

A bugzilla companion (fixed version). Originally maintained by Fabrice Desré.

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Hinzugefügt am April 6, 2018

Esign Benötigt Neustart

Электронная подпись для сообщений в Thunderbird на основе API клиента "ГУЦ"

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Hinzugefügt am April 5, 2018

Thunderbird Taiga Integration Benötigt Neustart

Convert mails to user stories, tasks and tickets for the Taiga project management system. See for instructions.

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Hinzugefügt am März 6, 2018

Send to Internals Benötigt Neustart


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Hinzugefügt am März 5, 2018

Duplicate Contacts Manager Benötigt Neustart

This Thunderbird add-on searches address book(s) for pairs of matching contact entries.
It can automatically delete entries that have equivalent or less information than the other one.
Any remaining matches are presented for manual treatment.

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Hinzugefügt am Feb. 24, 2018