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Good extension,but can not be work on version 45.2,hope it can be update for fix bug (scroll invalid)

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Thanks for making this. I really like this add-on. I find it very useful for quickly reviewing folder contents without having to repeatedly click over and over again on each subsequent message.


1. I do agree with klint (the previous commenter) that it is jarring and unpleasant to have the mouse pointer icon change to an arrow when you are trying to click items in a column within the ScrollToNext 'hot spot' area. The arrow is fine when you are not selecting items, but it's not good when you're trying to click. It would be much better if the icon only changed to an arrow while you are actually *scrolling* (within a ScrollToNext 'hot spot' area). As soon as you stop scrolling then the mouse pointer should return to normal. Please consider making the mouse pointer icon behave in this way.

2. Implementing the above suggestion would mean that users will no longer have a visual indication of when they have their mouse within one of the 'hot spot' areas, so you may wish to consider adding an additional mouse pointer icon (similar in style to how the 'Link Alert' add-on does it: ). This will leave the standard mouse pointer in place all the time, but it will still give the user a visual clue when their mouse in within a ScrollToNext hot spot area (by adding a second icon to the bottom right of the the pointer). This second (arrow) icon should obviously disappear as soon as the mouse is not in a ScrollToNext area any more. If such a feature was implemented, then it should probably be optional because not everybody might want to see this extra icon when their mouse is over the ScrollToNext hot spot areas.

3. What I would REALLY like to see, however, is an option to specify the width of the hot spot areas. Currently the left-hand side hot spot overlaps a significant part of my Subject column (this might be because I have moved my attachment icon column to the far right of the window). Having the ScrollToNext hot spot overlap my Subject column is not good because it means that I have no visual clue of where the hot spot boundary is located. If I want to find the where the scroll hot spot area ends I have to wave my mouse pointer about all over the place to see where the icon changes. It would be much better if I could align the edge of the hot spot area with the edge of a column, then I would know that anywhere to the left of my Subject column is a ScrollToNext area.

By allowing the hot spot width to be user-specified (separately for left and right sides) it would allow users to choose a width that better aligns with their own particular column arrangement.

Another possibly better and easier way to implement this (instead of the user specifying hot spot widths) would be to just let the user tick various boxes to select which columns ScrollToNext should work in. This would make the hot spot area(s) immediately recognisable because they would be bounded by the edge of the chosen column(s). For example, a user might choose to select the 'Attachment icon' column and the 'Date' column (because you never need to click on the contents of either of those columns) and this would mean that ScrollToNext would only work when the mouse was within those particular column areas. Someone else might prefer to have a large central area for using the ScrollToNext function, so they would select only the 'Subject' column to use as their ScrollToNext hot spot area, and this would mean that all the other columns on either side of the Subject column would continue to behave normally.

Of the above suggestions, points number 1 and 3 are the ones that I would say are the most important.

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Excellent and useful, thanks :)
I just would like to have an option to avoid changing the graphical type of cursor... because when you want to click on a column on the left hand to mark a mail read for instance, the cursor changes and clicking with an arrow is not nice:)