Versionsgeschichte von NewScrollbars [Tb 10-56] (discontinued)

18 Versionen

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Version 1.2.8 104.6 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 10.0 - 56.*, Thunderbird 10.0 - 56.*

[fix] menulist glitch with hidden or custom scrollbars

[new option] Settings > show/hide vertical scrollbars
[new option] Settings > show/hide horizontal scrollbars
--> both also work with transparent, predefined and custom scrollbars

[change] moved static css code to css files (requested by AMO editors)
[change] removed main setting 'hide vertical scrollbars'
[change] removed main setting 'hide horizontal scrollbars'

Version 1.2.7 100.6 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 10.0 - 52.0, Thunderbird 10.0 - 52.0

[fix] glitch with predefined and custom scrollbars in some cases
[fix] custom 1/2: height glitch with horizontal thumbs

[new option] custom 2: thumb border v1/v2
[new option] custom 2: scrollbar opacity

[change] some items switched places on preference window
[change] updated descriptions
[change] compact prefwindow (on some OS themes only)
[change] custom 2: background and gradient settings switched from checkbox to radio preferences and have to be enabled again, if they previously where enabled

Version 1.2.6 100.1 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 10.0 - 52.0, Thunderbird 10.0 - 52.0

[fix] MacOS & Firefox 48+: scrollbars background color

[new option] hide vertical scrollbars
[new option] hide horizontal scrollbars

[change] updated descriptions
[change] rewritten many parts of the add-on
- increased add-ons performance
- add-on uses less resources now
- about 400 lines less js code
- possibility to use short hex codes for colors (#fff)
- possibility to use scrollbar width of 1-99px (custom 1/2)
- possibility to use thumbs border radius of 0-99px (custom 2)
- possibility to use buttons border radius of 0-99px (custom 2)

Version 102.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 10.0 - 50.0, Thunderbird 10.0 - 50.0

[general] marked as multi-process compatible

Version 1.2.5 89.1 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 10.0 - 49.0, Thunderbird 10.0 - 49.0

[locale] Spanish (es) translation (thanks to strel)
[change] locale related tweaks

Version 1.2.4 85.7 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 10.0 - 44.*, Thunderbird 10.0 - 44.0

Version 1.2.3 85.6 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 10.0 - 42.0, Thunderbird 10.0 - 42.0

[change] improved devtools compatibility
[change] code tweaks suggested by erosman
[change] options to hide scroll buttons & caps are always visible
[change] options to hide scroll buttons now works with default scroll buttons
[change] code cleanup
[change] reduced image file sizes

Add-on will be redone in the future.

Version 93.5 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 10.0 - 42.0, Thunderbird 10.0 - 42.0

[fix] scrollbar on web content option

[change] hover colors stay when moving scrollbar thumb with mouse cursor

Add-on will be redone in the future. This update is just a small fix requested a couple of times.

Version 93.1 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 10.0 - 39.0, Thunderbird 10.0 - 39.0

[new] Custom v2 scrollbars: display scrollbars on top of web content

Version 1.2.1-signed 92.6 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 10.0 - 27.0, Thunderbird 10.0 - 27.0

[new] Custom v2 scrollbars option: button border radius

[new] Custom v2 scrollbars option: display background as line

[new] Transparent v2 option: covers more areas than v1, but may also break Flash/pdf plugins

[update] all translations

A Thunderbird bug on MacOSX corrupts scrollbars in some cases, when scrollbar width is set below 15px. There is no workaround for this yet, so it is recommended to use at least 15px for scrollbar width there.

Version 1.1.1-signed 91.4 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 10.0 - 26.0, Thunderbird 10.0 - 26.0

(new) it-IT locale (thanks to Tokai)

(new) sv-SE locale (thanks to Erik)

(change) improved option windows theme compatibility
-> NewScrollbars styles option window only for default Firefox theme now

(change) many internal changes

(new) experimental support for 'Postbox 3'
-> since this 'software' is based on Thunderbird, NoiaScrollbars should work correctly.

Experimental 'randomize' settings from v1.0.9pre1 did not make it into this version, because they are still too unstable.
If you want to test them, install v1.0.9pre1 from versions page.

Version 94.5 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 10.0 - 24.0, Thunderbird 10.0 - 24.0

- major cleanup -> reduced filesize
- (new) option to disable scrollbar caps
- (new) help button & settings explanations
- (fix) corrected default color code for customizeable scrollbars (v1)
- (fix) scrollbar settings work fine on MacOSX now *

* Using "customizeable scrollbars v1" and reducing scrollbar size value below 15px can corrupt scrollbar thumbs caps on MacOSX only. It is recommended to use the new "option to disable scrollbar caps" in that case.

Feedback: I need some feedback either the issues with disappearing scrollbars are solved with v1.0.8 or not. With v1.0.7 I could reproduce them on Mac OSX Mountain Lion, but they are gone after installing v1.0.8.

Tested v1.0.8 with Windows 7, Windows XP, Linux Mint, Mac OSX Mountain Lion

Version 116.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 10.0 - 18.0a1, Thunderbird 10.0 - 18.0a1

- (new) light & dark gradient for 'customizable v1' scrollbar thumb
- (new) dark gradient for 'customizable v2' scrollbars
- (new) size option for 'customizable v1' scrollbars
- (change) reordered prefwindow gui -> six main settings
- (change) blue color highlighter for active setting(s)
- (change) menulist for predefined scrollbars (13 & 17px, light & dark background)
- (change) random setting only for predefined scrollbars
- (change) 'hide scrollbar buttons' option is only visible for supported settings and gets disabled and becomes hidden for unsupported main settings

Note: Because of many internal changes, all settings have to be (re)set after an upgrade from a prior version.
Selecting any settings from 'predefined' or 'customizable' scrollbars settings group will automatically switch to the corresponding 'main scrollbar setting'.
Example: a predefined scrollbar is active and a user changes the 'customizable scrollbars v1' setting 'size' -> 'main scrollbar setting' switches from 'predefined scrollbars' to 'customizable scrollbars v1'.

Version 114.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 4.0 - 15.0a1, Thunderbird 9.0 - 15.0a1

- fix radius settings for FF/TB 12-14.0a1
- hide scrollbar button option can now be used for predefined scrollbars too
- new option: transparent background for "more customized scrollbar"

The "transparent background" setting for "more customized scrollbar" makes the scrollbar background disappear and the default OS window appearance "styles" scrollbars background. Only on Vista/Win7 with AeroGlass scrollbars background gets full (AeroGlass) transparency.

Version 113.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 4.0 - 13.0a1, Thunderbird 9.0 - 13.0a1

- Swedish translation (thanks to Erik)

- More customizable scrollbars settings:
-> scrollbar background color
-> scrollbar thumb color
-> scrollbar thumb (hover) color
-> scrollbar buttons color
-> scrollbar buttons (hover) color
-> scrollbar size (1-99px)
-> scrollbar thumb border radius (1-99px)
-> enable/disable color gradient
-> enable/disable scrollbar buttons

- some radio settings became checkbox settings

- transparent scrollbars setting is only visible, if GlassMyFox extension is installed and enabled (->restart FF once after installing/enabling GMF)

High 'border radius' values look all the same ;-)
Color gradient will disable scrollbar button arrows because both are using "background-image" css code for styling the buttons.

Version 108.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 4.0 - 13.0a1, Thunderbird 9.0 - 13.0a1

- "NoScrollbars" option works now on Thunderbird
- other minor fixes
- fixed issue where sliders (in some extensions) could get disabled when they use same ids like (default Firefox) scrollbars

Version 107.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 4.0 - 13.0a1, Thunderbird 9.0 - 13.0a1

- Thunderbird support
- new prefwindow gui
- new custom scrollbars
- colorpicker to style custom scrollbars
- textfield to set hex color of custom scrollbars
- new option to pick a random scrollbar on startup
- new option to hide scrollbars (Firefox only)
- new option to make scrollbars transparent, only if...
* ..."GlassMyFox"-extension is used
* (Firefox only, AeroGlass Windows 7 / Vista only)
- removed prefwindow tabs

Reload page after changing options for scrollbars being reloaded.
This extension may work with other themes. Tested only on default theme and Noia 4.
Some settings will disable others automatically, when they cannot be used simultaneously.
Radiosettings "hide scrollbars" and "transparent scrollbars" are hidden on Thunderbird because they are not for TB.

Version 100.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 4.0 - 12.0a1

- tab with 14 options for 13px scrollbar width
- tab with 14 options for 17px scrollbar width
- light/dark scrollbar background
- internal changes