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When I send a redirected email it arrives at the recipeint as being from my email address instead of the original sender address as bounces are supposed to work. I'm almost certain it didn't do that previously...

EDIT: As per the developer's suggestion, I did a few tests and it seems the fault lies at my email provider as he thought. I can redirect from my Gmail address and it works, but my other address replaces the address. I'll just make sure I move mail to my gmail account when needing to redirect. Thanks for replying!

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Hi roger,
I'm sorry redirecting doesn't work for you anymore. The error is most likely in you e-mail provider not fully supporting redirecting and substituting your address in the from-address. You can verify this by checking if the message in your Sent folder has the original from-address. You may have to adjust some settings in Mail Redirect or your mail account in order to get Mail Redirect to store a copy of your redirected messages...