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This is a nice extension, but I should say as isampson, and emphasize more as time goes : we receive more and more spam, and happily Thunderbird has very efficient filters against them. Therefore, this extension will be useful again, only when it acts AFTER the spam filters, and not BEFORE as it does as for now. Until then, we here a sound telling we received a mail, and we do not react as we think it is a spam.


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Answering FlyingT
>I hope I am understanding gloops problem right, but if you set spam filter to dump the bad >mail into other than inbox folder and set inbox folder alert only using this, then you >should be able to avoid getting spam alerts.
>That's what I did exactly and I am happy as clams!
>No more false alarms. Well it does change the icon of T-bird which says there is msg, but >that's default behavior. I do not get a pop up box or sound. That's good enough for me.

I should appreciate a lot to do this.
Could you give me a few clues ? Does it impact another extension ?

This is what happens on my machine :
- the spam is received in "Inbox"
- the alert (specific to "Inbox") is played
- the spam is transfered to "junk emails" by the spam filter
- the alert is not cancelled, I DID hear it and I am in front of the screen whereas I should not, and I see there is no new mail
- the general alert for the mail account has NEVER been played, only the one specific to Inbox, theoretically meaning "Inbox with no spams as they were excluded by the filter", and in fact appearing to be "Inbox first including spam, but these are excluded once you are extracted from where you were and arrive to see you came for nothing". This is rather long for a folder name, is not it ?

I regret that the development team has chosen not to be joinable, as the critics section is not planned to be a forum.

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