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I clicked on the highlighter icon (which looks like a standard, wood pencil) and the address line, its entire length to the end of the window, though empty but for the NAME of the recipient followed by a comma, was highlighted in yellow. Selecting "clear' eliminated that.

Then, SELECTING text, I highlighted specifying Cyan, but only the FIRST WORD of the text was highlighted and I was unable to select and highlight any other portion of that LINE!

Double-click selecting INDIVIDUAL WORDS in the line DOES work, but of course the result is choppy and the effort is considerable.

Definitely worthy of no more than a 0.x.x release level assignment.

I thought this had worked well in the past. Am I wrong??

Running T-bird 52.4.0 under mac OS 10.12.6.

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (0.6.5) abgegeben.  Dieser Benutzer hat eine ältere Bewertung zu diesem Add-on.

I am aware of these problems.
Unfortunately, the documentation to create addons on thunderbird is very poor, broken or out of date.
I do not have the time to investigate more, until the documentation is better.
Sorry for this.
It drove me crazy as well, to dig into the docs, try a few things for hours, to discover from the mailing list that the APIs I wanted to use were deprecated and nobody updated the documentation.
I will try again later.