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I am impressed... very impressed! For the first time in years, my SeaMonkey warped it's way into the 21st century! My system's theme at the moment is set to elementaryOS - And to see it come to life in SeaMonkey is truly amazing!

Though I am also a fan of classic ( archaic? ) Netscape 4.x themes and the like, it is comforting to know I can always switch back and feel up-to-date... user interface wise, at least!

Great job and kudos to the developers!

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A Wonderful theme for my "Mozilla Suite". It does bring back a sense of nostalgia from those bygone days. Hell, after installing this... I went as far as going into the Mozilla Archives and downloaded Mozilla 1.7.13! A bit of computing history I thought would be nice to collect.

I would have to agree with some previous posts that the font rendering is indeed a wee bit small, but nevertheless, I appreciate the effort you put into this theme and am keeping my fingers crossed that it would continue on thru later versions of SeaMonkey as they come. Kind regards,

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