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Following instructions just gives an error message. How do we Link to Firefox? Nothing happens when I put in path to Firefox and try to open a link. Open with gives a message, "Can't connect to the outside world". If I need to activate a script, which one and where? Also, My Firefox Browser in on my D Drive, because my SSD C Drive was to small, untill I upgraded with a 1 Terabyte SSD. Can this be an issue? Some small instructions on what to do, how to proceed, what to register Ect. I'm not a Programmers so If I must write a Script, I know not how to proceed!!

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This is by far, the best Ext. for Thunderbird, and I use this all the time to open links in my browsers! It does not work with Thunderbird 78.5.0 now, and I'm lost. PLEASE, PLEASE UPDATE This Extension.

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